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Job Title:      NOON HOUR SUPERVISOR                            Date:  November 30, 1999
Former Job Title:       Noon Hour Supervisor

This position provides supervision duties inside and outside schools to ensure a safe environment for students during the lunchtime break.  The incumbent monitors school grounds and facilities for potential safety concerns and reinforces school guidelines and behavioural standards for students.  Outside of the lunch break, the incumbent also performs other minor duties as assigned.  This position is under the supervision of a school Administrator.

(This is not an exhaustive list of the duties to be performed.)
Reinforces school guidelines and expectations to students and promotes safe behaviour during the noon-hour break by monitoring activities in areas such as cafeterias, classrooms, gymnasiums, hallways and school grounds.
Observes, intervenes and helps resolve conflicts and problems among students.  Refers serious conflicts and behaviours to the Administrator and documents incidents as necessary.
Monitors the school site and identifies and reports strangers and safety concerns to a supervisor.
Maintains a working relationship with school staff and works cooperatively with Administrators, Teachers and other staff members.
Performs other duties outside of the lunch period such as photocopying, filing, assisting in the library and other minor clerical duties as assigned.

REQUIRED QUALIFICATIONS (Knowledge, abilities and skills)
Grade 10 or equivalent.
Some experience working with school aged children and adolescents.
Ability to establish and maintain rapport with students and exercise patience, tolerance and understanding in resolving conflicts or problems.
Strong interpersonal skills, including the ability to deal with students’ needs,  administrators and parents.