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Policy 1006.1-G (Administrative Guidelines)

Educational Twinning

Board Involvement

Schools should attempt to involve the Board in their twinning programs in appropriate ways, which may include the following.

1. The Board may provide gifts and/or arrange a reception as appropriate for visiting delegations upon the request of the school.

2. Trustees may participate in student exchanges, whether or not they form part of a school twinning program, at the request of the school.  The cost of this participation shall be borne entirely by the Board.  Anyone trustee shall participate in a maximum of one such student exchange in anyone school year.

3. Trustees may welcome official delegations upon their arrival, meet with delegations during their stay or participate in departure procedures (as is often expected by visiting delegations) at the request of the school.

District Twinning Committee

The Superintendent or his/her designate may convene a committee consisting of representatives from each school with an approved twinning program, the Superintendent or his/her designate and one Trustee.  The meetings of this committee may also be open to other interested individuals.
The committee may meet as appropriate when convened by the Superintendent or his designate in order to coordinate twinning activities, share information and develop District expertise in the organization of effective twinning programs.
The minutes of each meeting of this committee may be attached to the agenda of the Education Committee of the Board for their information.


The Board may establish an annual budget to cover the costs of gifts, receptions, travel and Trustee participation in school twinning programs and the Sister City Committee events.


Cross References:
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Board Adoption: 16 April 2012