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Policy 1005.2-R

Interscholastic Competitions and Contests

Public Contests

1.  The Board, upon the approval of the Superintendent of Schools, may offer financial support up to a maximum  amount of 50% of the net cost of participation to any school from which individuals or teams are taking part in public contests or non-athletic interscholastic competitions within the Province.  

2.  Any support funds received from other agencies shall be included in the calculation of the net cost of participation upon which the Board's  maximum contribution of 50%    shall be based.

3.  All requests for financial assistance shall be made by the principals of the schools in which competitors are enrolled.

4.  In extraordinary circumstances the Board may grant financial assistance for participation in out-of-province contests; such requests must be approved directly by the Board.

National and International Competitions

1.  Requests for financial assistance will be received by the Board of Education from groups of students or individual students who have won the right to participate in non athletic national or international competitions through school sponsored activities.

2.  An amount will be budgeted each year in the operating budget to support these applications.  It is the intention of the Board to provide funding support only for those groups or students who, as a result of qualifying, do not have sufficient time to fund raise monies in order to participate in the competition.

3.  Funds allocated in the budget for  such events will be used to assist with accommodation, transportation and registration costs only.  In the event that the funding support applied for exceeds the available monies in the budget, reimbursement will be given to applicants for approved expenses on a pro-rated basis for the current school year.

4.  Groups or individuals will request financial assistance using the appropriate form available through the offices of the school principal and the district Coordinating Principal.

5.  Funds allocated in the budget for this policy will be provided through a Richmond School Board account.  In order to be eligible to receive assistance, the Coordinating Principal must receive the completed application form and receipts from schools or individuals on or       before June 10th of the school year.
6.  Assistance for any given application will not exceed 50% of the approved expenses.

7.  Decisions regarding the disbursement of funds will be made by June 20th in each school year.

Board Concurrence:  05 March 1990
Board Concurrence with Revision:  28 August 1995

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