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Policy 1005.4-R

Money-Raising Activities in the Schools

Regulations:  School Funds

The principal of the school shall be responsible for:

1.  Establishing acceptable methods for raising funds in and for the school, which are in keeping with the prescribed guidelines.

2.  Receiving, safekeeping and disbursement of these funds in compliance with standards and procedures as outlined in the guidelines, or as established by the Secretary-Treasurer.

3.  Submitting in prescribed format to the Secretary-Treasurer, a statement of all receipts and expenditures for annual audit purposes.

Guidelines:  School Funds

1.  The Board of Education (Richmond) must approve, through the office of the Superintendent of Schools, all organizations which use the school in their promotion for funds.

2.  School parent groups wishing to use the school name to raise funds for school use must clearly indicate the purpose for which the funds are to be used and have the prior written approval of the Principal.

3.  The sale of merchandise to raise funds must be at prices which will avoid unfair competition with local merchants.

4.  Principals should be cognizant of the duplication or conflict which could occur between schools.

5.  Pre-numbered receipts must be issued for all funds received by the school.

6.  Adequate documentation to support each disbursement must be maintained by the schools.

Board Concurrence:  05 March 1990

Cross References

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