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Policy 1005.5-R

Participation in Community Fund Drives

Charitable Causes

1.  All requests for involvement of students in connection with agents for philanthropic activities require that discretion be exercised by the educational staff concerning the giving of information and the dissemination of information from outside organizations.

2.  In accordance with the School Act, the principal, being held responsible for the educational programme of the school, shall decide to what extent and which kinds of informational materials may be displayed or distributed to the students.

3.  The Superintendent of Schools, being held responsible for the public relations of the district as a whole, will require agencies initiating an activity to receive his/her (or a delegate's) permission before principals may be approached.

4.  Principals will inform the Superintendent of Schools of their desire to involve students with the collection of funds for charitable causes.

5.  Principals are encouraged to restrict the soliciting of funds for charitable causes to within the school's catchment area.

Board Concurrence:  05 March 1990

Cross References

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