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Policy 1005.5

Participation in Community Fund Drives

Charitable Causes

The Board recognizes philanthropy as an expression of community feeling for the welfare of others, at the local, provincial, national, or international level.

When the school district as a whole, or individual schools, participate(s) in community fund drives for charitable causes, regulations and guidelines laid down for money-raising activities in the schools shall be observed (see 1005.4 and regulations, and 802.9 and regulations).

Donations, Bequests, etc. to the Schools or School District

The Board acknowledges that the district itself, or a local school, could be the recipient of a philanthropic act.

Where a school district or a local school receives donations, bequests, memorial gifts, etc., the Board will be notified and will seek to fulfill the benefactor's intent in compliance with the School Act, its Regulation, and with Board policy and regulations.  Where no allocation for the fund(s) is specified, a district trust fund shall be used for the purpose of providing student scholarships within the district.

Adopted:  05 March 1990

Cross References

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802.9-Funds Raised for the Schools
1005.4-Money-Raising Activities in the Schools
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