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Policy 101

Goals and Objectives

Overall Educational Goal

Schools will provide a safe, supportive environment for all students; and schools will provide a stimulating environment which motivates and challenges all students to intellectual, physical, emotional, social and vocational development in order that each student develops towards the ideal of the educated person, achieving at a level of personal excellence and formulating attitudes towards self, society and the world which will provide sound preparation for a productive and satisfying life.


Ideal of the Educated Person

The educated person is:

• thoughtful, able to learn and to think critically, and can communicate information from a broad knowledge base;
• creative, flexible, self-motivated and able to adapt to change;
• confident and capable of making independent decisions;
• skilled and can contribute to society generally, including the world of work;
• productive, gains satisfaction through achievement and strives for physical well being;
• cooperative and respectful of others regardless of differences;
• principled and behaves ethically;
• aware of the rights and prepared to exercise the responsibilities of an individual within the family, the community, Canada and the world.

Supportive Goals

• Teaching and administration will be of high quality.
• Curriculum will be current and relevant to student needs
• There will be ongoing adaptation and enhancement of instruction.
• Programs will provide for the educational needs of the full range of students.
• Resources will be allocated equitably and utilized in a cost-effective manner.
• Management will be efficient, effective and responsive.
• The district will encourage and support the involvement of parents and the community as partners in the school system.

Developmental Objectives

The Board of Education (Richmond) will, at least annually, adopt by resolution a set of developmental objectives that complement the Overall Educational Goal and Supportive Goals by providing a focus for developmental work at the district and school level.  The Superintendent will assign district resources as necessary to accomplish these developmental objectives and report to the board on progress towards them at least annually.

Adopted:  22 January 1990
Board Approval of Revisions:  07 November 2005
Supportive Documents

District Position Paper: Learning Services Framework
District Discussion Paper: Inclusion: What Constitutes Support?
District Discussion Paper: Supporting Diversity
District Discussion Paper: Role of the Educational Assistant
Parent Handbook: Learning Matters