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Policy 103

Regulation:  Foundations for Learning

Staff shall invite and support a partnership with parents and students in order to better enable all learners and uphold the district statement of philosophy.

Each school will develop brief statements that outline how it will address key issues of common concern to staff, parents and students.  These issues will include, but not be limited to, attendance, homework, assessment, reporting, communication, conduct, dress, health promotion, emergency procedures and school closure due to emergent conditions.  The statements will be developed collaboratively by staff and parents, and in secondary schools with the involvement of students.  They will be reviewed and communicated at least annually to all members of the school community.

Early in the school year (or for secondary schools organized by semester, early in each semester), teachers will provide students and their parents with a preview of the intended educational program, including curriculum, instruction, homework, assessment, reporting, student conduct and communication.

Teachers will also seek information about the background, abilities and interests of students.  Parents will be invited to share information that may assist the teacher in better understanding students and supporting their learning.

Adopted:  16 June 2008