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Policy 405.7

Child Abuse Reporting

The Board of Education (Richmond) believes it is essential that safe and healthy learning environments be maintained for its students, and that laws pertaining to the reporting of suspected child abuse and/or neglect be vigilantly observed by all employees.

Child abuse is a complex issue, requiring an approach that holds the protection of students as paramount while respecting the rights of individuals accused of abuse and the needs for our schools to work in a climate free of fear and suspicion.  The Board therefore wishes to encourage appropriate education, training, and support for staff in relation to their duties in the reporting of suspected child abuse and/or neglect.

Specifically, the Board undertakes to respect current legislation and regulations regarding child abuse, and directs the Superintendent to monitor new legislation as it is introduced, and to work with other agencies as necessary to clarify roles and jurisdictions.  Clear procedures shall be established for detecting and reporting suspected abuse and/or neglect, and all members of the district staff shall be made aware of these procedures, as necessary through suitable in-service programmes or in other ways.

It shall also be made clear to all employees that both Board policy and the law require such reporting, and that employees are immune from civil action provided that they report suspicions of abuse and/or neglect in accordance with the Reporting and Investigating Child Abuse/Neglect Protocols Regulation 405.7-R.

Legal References

Adopted:  05 March 1990

Adoption with Revision: 17 June 1996

Cross References

504.3.2-Personal Safety of Students (Child Abuse)
504.3.2-R-Personal Safety of Students (Child Abuse)

The Regulation was updated September 1, 2010