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Policy 502.1

Maintenance of Orderly Conduct

The School Act  requires the Board of Education (Richmond) to   "determine local policy for the effective and efficient operation of schools in the school district". [Part 6, Section 85 (2)(a)]  The Act also requires every student to "comply with the school rules authorized by the Principal of the school or Provincial school attended by the student, and with the code of conduct and other rules and policies of the Board or the Provincial school". [Part 2, Section 6 (1)(a)(b)]
Further, the School Act gives responsibility to the principal for administering and supervising - "the general conduct of students, both on school premises and during activities that are off school premises and that are organized or sponsored by the school". [Section 5, (7)(g)]. Principals are authorized, in accordance with policies of the Board, to "exercise paramount authority within the school in matters concerning the discipline of students". [Section 5, (7)(g) of the School  Regulation]

Within this legal framework, the Board affirms that proper behaviour is essential to the operation of effective schools, and to the development of responsible self-disciplined young people.  

Principals' Responsibility to Maintain Order

In recognition of the responsibility of school principals to maintain standards of student behaviour that will contribute to an atmosphere in the school conducive to teaching and learning, the Board authorizes principals to act  as necessary under Sections 2, 3, and 6 of the School Act and Section 5 of the School  Regulation  and in accordance with Board policies and regulations.

Because actions under these sections may ultimately require review by the Board, it is expected that principals will maintain adequate records to demonstrate that reasonable efforts have been made to correct unacceptable behaviour.  It is also expected that Principals will communicate incidents of unacceptable behaviour to a student's parent/guardian in a timely manner.

It is recognized that in special circumstances, the suspension provisions may be applied as a result of a single incident.

Adopted:  05 March 1990
Revision for Board Information:  17 February 1997
Board Adoption of Revision:  01 June 1998

Legal References

School Act Secs. 3, 6 (1)(a)(b), 85 (2)(a)(c)(i) School Regulation Section 5

Cross References

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