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Policy 602.16

Alternate Programs

The Board of Education (Richmond) is committed to the provision of educational programs, which are consistent with its Statement of Philosophy and Long Term Goals for all students in the Richmond School District.  Alternative programs will be developed either at the school or district level and will include a commitment to quality, equity, and accessibility as well as provide a wide variety of innovative, high-quality programs for students. Consultation with appropriate stakeholders will take place prior to the development or placement of any program at a particular site.  The Board of Education recognizes the importance of enhancing the range of educational options available to students, but is also cognizant of its responsibility to manage its budget to best meet the needs of all students within the district in a fair and equitable manner.

Board Adoption:  18 September 1995
Board Adoption with Revision: 07 September 2004
Board Adoption with Revision: 06 December 2010