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Policy 802.9.1-R

General Principles For Revenue Generating Activities

The General Principles for Revenue Generating Activities that follow are intended to provide guidance to school principals and district officials.  As an agent of the Board, he/she will ensure that all fundraising activities are conducted under his/her direct supervision and shall be carefully considered to ensure that they do not interfere with the delivery of educational programs or compromise the integrity and purpose of public education and do not become a burden to the community, parents, or staff.

1.  Revenue generating activities must be consistent with the Board’s Philosophy and Long Term Goals.

2.  Care should be taken in choosing the kinds of revenue generating activities to avoid the implied endorsement by the district.  Activities shall be legal, ethical, and avoid controversial products or services (e.g., no tobacco or alcohol-related products or services) and be within the confines of Board Policies, Collective Agreements, legislation, and contractual obligations.

3.  The Board’s involvement in revenue generating activities shall not require students to observe, listen to, or read commercial advertising.

4.  Participation by students, teachers, and parents in revenue generation activities will be voluntary.

5.  No activity should be undertaken which would compromise the goals and objectives of the school or classroom or district.  Curriculum and instruction remain the responsibility of educators.

6.  Students’ access to district resources must not be compromised (e.g., renting out gymnasiums when needed for school use).

Board Concurrence:  21 February 2000

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