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Policy 901-R

Site Acquisition and Building Construction

The planning of new schools normally adheres to the following pattern:

1.  The requirement for a new school is recognized as a result of residential building activity in an area and approval is sought from the Ministry of Education for the District to begin planning.

2.  Once approval is received, an architect is appointed and the design concept is developed in consultation with the Board and the District's professional staff.  The District's professional staff will include:  Secretary-Treasurer or designate, Maintenance and Operations Manager, Superintendent of Schools and/or designate, a principal, two teachers and a CUPE representative.

3.  Where practical, members of the community in which the new school is to be constructed are invited to view the sketch plans and meet with the architect, Trustees and/or members of the district staff as named in point 2 above.  The meetings, wherever possible, will be held in the community in which the new school is to be constructed.
4.  The District management Committee recommends a final sketch plan for Board approval and submission to the Ministry of Education.

5.  Once approved by the Ministry, plans for the new school are made available for public viewing in appropriate locations.

Board Concurrence:  05 March 1990

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