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Policy 902.2-R

Installation of Adventure Playgrounds


The Board will work in co-operation with the City of Richmond in the funding of the adventure playgrounds.  Funding shall be the following formula:

- The School District Maintenance staff shall prepare the site, including supplying the perimeter wood curb, and installing a drainage system and pea gravel supplied by the City.

- Past practice has been that the City of Richmond supplies funds equal to the amount contributed by the school, up to a maximum of $10,000.00, from which the gravel and drainage materials shall be purchased.

- the School community shall provide the balance of the funds.


Input shall be sought from the Schools and the Parent Advisory Councils in order to assist in prioritizing requests for assistance. The Board and the City shall then decide each year which playgrounds can be funded according to this formula, and advise the Schools.

When a School is considering constructing a playground, the Principal shall contact the Manager of Facilities who will arrange a meeting with the Manager of Maintenance and the City in order to discuss the specific requirements and procedures.

When funding is approved, the Principal shall arrange a public meeting in order to discuss the preliminary plans with the community residents.

For new playgrounds, the Principal shall write to the Area Superintendent requesting permission to construct the playground on Board property.

Parents and others are permitted to assist with the installation only if they are able to arrange coverage by Workers Compensation Board.

The siting of the adventure playground is determined after consultation with the school’s administration, the School District Maintenance Department, and the City of Richmond.


The design of the playground must comply with the requirements of the current Canadian Standards Association standard for playgrounds, and any technical standards that may be developed by the School District.

The final design must be submitted to the Secretary-Treasurer or designate for approval prior to any work proceeding. The Manager of Facilities will submit the design to the managers of the Ministry of Education's insurance program for approval.


The Purchasing Manager shall arrange for the purchase of the equipment by means of a Purchase Order in the name of the School District. The School shall ensure that sufficient funds are deposited with the School District to cover the cost of the equipment prior to the Purchase Order being issued.

The Manager of Maintenance shall approve the proposed construction date.

The School shall arrange a second public meeting at least two weeks prior to the start of construction in order to inform the community residents of the final plans.

Board Concurrence:      02 March 1998