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        Absences (Certified Personnel)  404
        Absences (Non-Certified Personnel)      410
    Acceptable Use of Information and Communications Services  415
    Acceptable Use of Information and Communications Services  415-R
    Acceptable Use of Information and Communications Services  415-G
        Acceptance and Naming of New Facilities 901.11
        Acceptance and Naming of New Facilities 901.11-R
        Access to Buildings     903.3
        Access to Direct Mail System    1004.8.2
        Accident and First Aid Reports  903.2
        Accident Prevention and Safety Procedures       903.1
        Administering Medications to Students   504.3.1-R
        Administration  300
        Administrative Responsibilities 300
        Administrators, Selection and Appointment       300
        Adult Education 602.11
        Adult Education 602.11-R
        Advisory Council, Parents'      1002.4
        Advisory Council, Parents'      1002.4-R
        Age, Evidence of  - Entrance Requirement        501.2-R
        Alcoholic Beverages on School Premises-Certified Personnel      402.11-R
        Alcoholic Beverages on School Premises - Community Use  1004.1-R
        Alcoholic Beverages on School Premises - Students       502.4-R
        Alcoholic Beverages on School Premises  402.11-R
        Alternative Programs    602.16
        Alternative Programs    602.16-R
        Alternative Programs    602.16-G
        Anaphylaxis     504.3.3
        Annual Operating Budget - Adoption by Board     801
        Annual Operating Budget 801-R
        Annual Operating Budget 801-G
        Annual Operating Budget - Preparation   801
        Annual Operating Budget - Preparation   801
        Annual Operating Budget - Requirements  801.3
        Annual Operating Budget 801
        Appeals by Staff, Complaints and        103 (Regulation B)
        Appeals by Students, Parents and the Public, Complaints and     103 (Bylaw)
        Application, Administrators and Superitendent   300 (Regulation B)
        Application Procedure for Certified Personnel   401.6-R
        Approval and Payment for Goods and Services     803.5
        Assignment and Transfer of Certified Personnel  402.3
        Assignment and Transfer of Non-Certified Personnel      408.2
        Assistance to Students  505.7
        Attendance, Student - Requirements      501.1
        Attendance, Student - Requirements      501.1-G
        Attendance, Student - Requirements      501.1-R
        Audits  804.5
        Authorized Signatures   803.5.1
        Auxiliary Services - Guiding Principles 700

        Basic Instructional Programme   602.2
        Benefits for District Employees 402.6
        Benefits for District Employees 402.6-R
        Benefits for District Employees 402.6-G
        Bequests, Gifts, Grants 802.7
        Bidding and Purchasing  803.1
        Bidding and Purchasing  803.1-R
        Board - Community Relations     1001.1-R
        Board Operations        202 (Indemnification)
        Board Operations        201
        Board Operations        201 (Bylaw)
        Bomb Threats    504.11-R
        Budget - Capital & Operating Budget Preparation 801
        Budget - Capital & Operating Budget Preparation 801-G
        Budget - Capital & Operating Budget Preparation 801-R
        Building Access 903.3
        Building Construction - Supervision     901.10
        Building Construction - Tendering       901.9
        Building Construction   901
        Building Construction   901-R
        Buildings and Grounds Security (and Access to Buildings)        903.3
        Buildings and Sites - Guiding Principles        900
        By-Law #1 (Indemnification - Officers, Employees)       412.1
        By-Law (Indemnification Trustees)       202

        Calendar, School        601.2
        Capital and Operating Budget    801
        Capital and Operating Budget    801-R
        Capital and Operating Budget    801-G
        Certified Personnel Absences and Leaves 404
        Certified Personnel Reduction Through Termination       403.4
        Certified Personnel Selection and Appointment (Teachers)        401
        Chairperson and Vice Chairperson        201 (Bylaw)
        Challenge       606.1
        Challenge       606.1-R
        Child Abuse Reporting   405.7
        Child Abuse Reporting   405.7-R
        Child Personal Safety Awareness Programme (Child Abuse) 504.3.2
        Child Personal Safety Awareness Programme (Child Abuse) 504.3.2-R
        Citizens' Involvement in Decision-making        1002
        Citizens' Involvement in Decision-making        1002-R
        Clerical Assistance     402.1
        Clerical Assistance     402.1-G
        Closing of Schools (Snow Days)  903.7-G
        Closures, School        904
        Closures, School        904-R
        Closure of Schools Due to Emergent Conditions   903.7
        Closure of Schools Due to Emergent Conditions   903.7-R
        Code of Ethics - Trustees       200
        Collaboration and Community     103
        Commercialism   1004.8
        Commercialism   1004.8-R
        Committees - Tender Opening     803.3-R
        Communicable Diseases, Exclusion for    504.2
        Communicable Diseases: HIV/AIDS/HBV     414.1
        Communicable Diseases: HIV/AIDS/HBV Guidelines  414.1-G
        Communications and Recommendations (from the Public)    1002.3-R
        Communications, Public  1001
        Communications, Public  1001-R
        Community - Board Relations     1001.1-R        
        Community Activities Involving Students 1005
        Community Life, Participation in        1003.1
        Community Relations - Guiding Principles        1000
        Community Use of District Resource Centre Material      1004.7-R
        Community Use of School Facilities      1004.1
        Community Use of School Facilities      1004.1-R
        Community, Collaboration and    103
        Competitions, Interscholastic and Contests      503.6
        Competitions, Interscholastic and Contests      503.6-R
        Complaints and Appeals by Staff 103 (Regulation B)
        Complaints and Appeals by Students, Parents and the Public      103 (Bylaw)
        Complaints and Grievances of Students   502
        Computer Usage  415
        Computer Usage  415-R
        Computer Usage  415-G
        Conflict of Interest    201     
        Conflict of Interest - Employees        400.1
        Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages by District Employees &      402.11-R
                  Representatives on School Premises
        Continuing Education    602.11
        Continuing Education    602.11-R        
        Contracts - Automatic Continuation (Certified Personnel)        402.2
        Contracts for Non-Certified Personnel   408.1
        Curriculum Development  602.14.1-G      
        Courses, Locally Developed      602.3
        Courses, Locally Developed      602.3-R
        Creation and Revision of Policy and Regulations 204
        Curriculum Development  602.14
        Custodial Staff - Supervision   902.1-R

        Day, School     601.2   
        Day, School     601.2-G
        Decision-making, Citizens' Involvement  in      1002
        Decision-making, Citizens' Involvement in       1002-R
        Definition of Terms     200
        Definitions of Non-Certified Personnel Positions        407.1
        Developmental Objectives        101
        Disaster / Earthquake / Fire Drills     504.10-R
        Disbursement of Funds - District Revenue Generating Act.        802.9.1.1
        Disbursement of Funds - District Revenue Generating Act.        802.9.1.1-R
        Disbursement of Funds - District Revenue Generating Act.        802.9.1.1-G
        Dismissal of Certified Personnel        403.3
        Distance Education Courses      602.10
        Distance Education Courses      602.10-R
        District Annual Goals   101
        District Code of Conduct        502.1.1
        District Code of Conduct        502.1.1-R
        District Educational Heritage   1007
        District Educational Heritage   1007-R
        District Resource Centre Materials - Use by Community   1004.7-R
        Diversity and Inclusion 102
        Donations to Schools    1004.9
        Donations to Schools    1004.9-R
        Drills - Fire/Earthquake/Disaster       504.10-R
        Dress Code      502.1.2
        Dress Code      502.1.2-R
        Dress Code      502.1.2-G
        Drinking on School Premises - Certified Personnel       402.11-R
        Drinking on School Premises - Community         1004.1-R
        Drinking on School Premises - Non-Certified Personnel   402.11
        Drinking on School Premises - Students  502.4-R
        Drugs on School Premises - Students     502.4-R

        Earthquake / Fire / Disaster Drills     504.10-R
        Educational Materials - Reconsideration 603.5-R
        Educational Materials - Selection       603.4
        Educational Materials - Selection       603.4-R
        Educational Materials/Tuition/School Fees       802.2
        Educational Practices   102
        Educational Programmes - Guiding Principles     600
        Educational Twinning    1006.1
        Educational Twinning    1006.1-R
        Educational Twinning    1006.1-G
        Emergency Situations    504.9
        Emergency Situations    504.9-R
        Employee Substance Misuse in the Workplace      402.12
        Employee Substance Misuse in the Workplace      402.12-R
        Employment Practices    102
        Energy Conservation     602.14.1-G
        Entrance Requirements - Evidence of Age 501.2-R
        Environmental Stewardship       602.14.1
        Environmental Stewardship       602.14.1-R
        Environmental Stewardship       602.14.1-G
        Environmental Stewardship - Energy Conservation 602.14.1-G
        Environmental Stewardship - Grounds Greening    602.14.1-G
        Environmental Stewardship - Leadership  602.14.1-G
        Environmental Stewardship - Sustainable Purchasing      602.14.1-G
        Environmental Stewardship - Sustainable Transportation  602.14.1-G
        Environmental Stewardship - Waste Management    602.14.1-G
        Environmental Stewardship - Water Conservation  602.14.1-G
        Equal Opportunity Employment (Non-Certified Personnel)  407.3
        Equal Opportunity Employment (Certified Personnel)      401.1
        Evaluation of Non-Certified Personnel   408.6
        Exclusion for Communicable Diseases     504.2
        Executive Team  300
        Executive Team Organizatinal Chart      300
        Expenses and Allowances for Executive Officers & Directors      405.2-R
        Expenses for District Staff     405.2-R
        Expulsion / Suspension of Students      502.2
        Expulsion / Suspension of Students      502.2-R

        Facilities - Buildings and Grounds Security     903.3
        Facilities - Community Use      1004.1
        Facilities - Community Use      1004.1-R
        Facilities - Fees for Use       1004.4
        Facilities - Fees for Use       1004.4-G
        Facilities - Guiding Principles 900
        Facilities - Life Cycle Analysis of Physical Plant      902.9
        Facilities - Maintenance and Operations 902
        Facilities - Maintenance and Operations 902-R
        Facilities - Maintenance Schedule       902.1-R
        Facilities - Retirement 904
        Facilities - Retirement 904-R
        Facilities - Safety Programme   903
        Facilities - Schedule of Charges for Use of Schools     1004.4-G
        Facilities - Use during Weekend and Holidays    1004.6-R
        Facilities - Use for Private Profit     1004.2
        Facilities - Use of District Resource Centre    1004.7-R
        Facilities for Handicapped      602.6
        Facilities, New - Acceptance and Naming 901.11
        Facilities, New - Acceptance and Naming 901.11-R
        Facilities, New - Preliminary Building Specifications   901.6
        Facilities, New - Selection of an Architect     901.4
        Facilities, New - Selection of an Architect     901.4-R
        Facilities, New - Site Acquisition and Building Construction    901
        Facilities, New - Site Acquisition and Building Construction    901-R
        Facilities, New - Supervision of Construction   901.10
        Facilities, New - Tendering for Construction    901.9
        Facilities, School - Surveys    901.13
        Fees - Tuition/Educational Materials    802.G
        Fees - Use of School Facilities 1004.4
        Fees - Use of School Facilities 1004.4-G
        Fences  902
        Fencing around School Property  902-R
        Field Trips     603.2
        Field Trips     603.2-R
        Field Trips/Sporting Events-Transportation, Student Conduct     702.7-R
        Financial Reports       804
        Fines and Charges for Textbooks 802-G
        Fire / Earthquake / Disaster Drills     504.10-R
        First Aid and Accident Reports  903.2
        Food Services   506
        Food Services   506-R
        Food Services   701-G
        Foreign/International Students  501.7
        Foreign Students        501.7.1-R
        Foundations for Learning        103 (Regulation A)
        Foundations for Learning        103 (Guideline)
        French Programmes       602.4
        French Programmes       602.4-R
        Fund Drives, Participation in Community 1005.5
        Fund Drives, Participation in Community 1005.5-R
        Fund Raising Activities in the Schools  1005.4
        Fund Raising Activities in the Schools  1005.4-R
        Funds Raised for the Schools (Guidelines)       802.9-G
        Funds Raised for the Schools    802.9
        Funds Raised for the Schools    802.9-R


        General Principles for Revenue Generating Activities    802.9.1
        General Principles for Revenue Generating Activities    802.9.1-R
        Gifts, Grants, and Bequests     802.7
        Goals and Objectives    101
        Graduation Requirements 605.4
        Grievance Procedure for Non-Certified Personnel 411.2
        Grounds Greening        602.14.1-G
        Guiding Principles - Community Relations        1000
        Guiding Principles - Buildings and Sites        900
        Handling Complaints     103 Regulation B
        Handling Complaints     103 Bylaw
        Health Guidance 604.2-G
        Health Guidance 604.2-R
        Health & Safety 903.5
        Health & Safety 903.5-R
        Health Promotion Policy 506
        Health Promotion Policy 506.-R
        Health Promotion Policy 506-G
        Homework        603.3
        Homework        603.3-R
        Homework        603.3-G
        Hospital and Homebound Education        602.6.1

        Inclusion, Diversity and        102
        Indemnification - Officers, Employees (By-Law #1)       412.1
        Indemnification - Trustees (By-Law #1)  202
        Information and Communications Services - Use of        415
        Information and Communications Services - Use of        415-R
        Information and Communications Services - Use of        415-G
        Injury or Illness at School     504.3
        Injury or Illness at School     504.3-R
        Innovative or Pilot Projects    602.15
        Innovative or Pilot Projects    602.15-R
        Installation of Adventure Playgrounds   902.2
        Installation of Adventure Playgrounds   902.2-R
        Insurance       806
        Insurance Agent Selection       806.1
        Insurance Agent Selection       806.1-R
        International Students  501.7.2-R
        Interrogations of Students by Outside Agencies  505.5
        Interscholastic Competitions and Contests       503.6
        Interscholastic Competitions and Contests       503.6-R
        Interviewing, Administrators and Superintendent 300
        Inventory       902.6
        Investments     811
        Investments     811-R

        Lay Offs (Certified Personnel)  403.4
        Lay Offs (Non-Certified Personnel)      409.4
        Leadership      300
        Leadership - Environmental      602.14.1-G
        Learning Resource Review Committee      603.5-R
        Lease or Sale of Board Property 904
        Lease or Sale of Board Property 904-R
        Leave of Absence (Non-Certified Personnel)      410
        Leave of Absence - Exchange Teacher     404.3-R
        Leave of Absence - Long Term    404.2
        Leave of Absence - Long Term    404.2-R
        Leave of Absence - Long Term, Other     404.2.4-R
        Leave of Absence - Maternity/Paternity  404.2.1-R
        Leave of Absence - Parenthood Leave     404.2.3-R
        Leave of Absence - President's Release & R.T.A. Business        404.2.5-R
        Leave of Absence - Principals   404.1.1-R
        Leave of Absence - Principals   404.1.2-R
        Leave of Absence - Principals   404.1.3-R
        Leave of Absence - Secondment   404.4
        Leave of Absence - Secondment   404.4-R
        Leave of Absence - Short Term - Illness 404.1.1-R
        Leave of Absence - Short Term - Other   404.1.2-R
        Leave of Absence With Salary Deductions 404.1.3-R
        Legal Foundations for Board Operations  200
        Life Cycle Analysis of Physical Plant   902.9
        Lines of Authority (Guideline A)        300
        Local, Provincial, and Federal Income   802.1-G
        Locally Developed Courses       602.3
        Locally Developed Courses       602.3-R
        Maintenance and Operations      902
        Maintenance and Operations      902-R
        Maintenance of Orderly Conduct  502.1
        Maintenance Schedule    902.1-R
        Materials, Educational - Reconsideration        603.5-R
        Materials, Educational - Selection      603.4
        Materials, Educational - Selection      603.4-R
        Maternity/Paternity Leave       404.2.1-R
        Media Productions using School Facilities       1004.8.4
        Medicines - Administering to Students   504.3.1-R
        Money raised for the Schools (Guidelines)       802.9-G
        Money raised for the Schools    802.9
        Money raised for the Schools    802.9-R
        Money-Raising Activities in the Schools 1005.4
        Money-Raising Activities in the Schools 1005.4-R


        Naming of Board-Owned Facilities or Parts of Board-Owned        901.11
        Naming of Board-Owned Facilities or Parts of Board-Owned        901.11-R
        News Releases - Internal School News and Board Matters  1001.2
        No Smoking on Premises  906
        Non-Certified Employee Reduction Through Termination    409.4
        Non-Certified Personnel Absences and Leaves     410
        Non-Certified Personnel Selection and Appointment       407
        Non-Instructional Days (Certified Personnel)    405.6
        Non-Instructional Days (Certified Personnel)    405.6-R
        Non-Instructional Days  (Staff Development)     601.3
        Non-Instructional Days  (Staff Development)     601.3-R
        Non-Resident Students   501.6

        Objectives, Goals and   101
        Official School Openings        901.12
        Official School Openings        901.12-G
        Operating and Capital Budget    801
        Operating and Capital Budget    801-R
        Operating and Capital Budget    801-G
        Organization of the Board       201
        Outdoor Education       603.2-R
        Outside Resource People 603.6
        Outside Resource People 603.6-R
        Overall Educational Goals       101
        Overtime Pay (Non-Certified Personnel)  408.3

        Parents' Advisory Council       1002.4
        Parents' Advisory Council       1002.4-R
        Part-Time Certified Personnel   406
        Part-Time Certified Personnel   406-R
        Participation in Community Fund Drives  1005.5
        Participation in Community Fund Drives  1005.5-R
        Participation in Community Life 1003.1
        Paternity/Maternity Leave       404.2.1-R
        Parenthood Leave        404.2.3-R
        Payment for Goods and Services  803.5
        Permanent Records of Students   605.5
        Personal Safety of Students (Child Abuse)       504.3.2
        Personal Safety of Students (Child Abuse)       504.3.2-R
        Personnel - Guiding Principles  400
        Personnel, Certified - Absences 404
        Personnel, Certified-Alcoholic Beverages on School Premises     402.11-R
        Personnel, Certified - Application Procedure    401.6-R
        Personnel, Certified - Assignment and Transfer  402.3
        Personnel, Certified - Benefits 402.6
        Personnel, Certified - Child Abuse Reporting    405.7
        Personnel, Certified - Child Abuse Reporting    405.7-R
        Personnel, Certified - Contracts, Automatic Continuation        402.2
        Personnel, Certified - Dismissal        403.3
        Personnel, Certified - Leaves   404
        Personnel, Certified - Part-Time        406
        Personnel, Certified - Part-Time        406-R
        Personnel, Certified - Physical Examinations    402.9
        Personnel, Certified - Professional Credit Progr./Inservice     405.6
        Personnel, Certified - Professional Credit Progr./Inservice     405.6-R
        Personnel, Certified - Qualifications/Certification     401.4
        Personnel, Certified - Recruitment      401.3
        Personnel, Certified - Recruitment of Teachers  401.3-R
        Personnel, Certified - Reduction through Termination    403.4
        Personnel, Certified - Resignation      403.2
        Personnel, Certified - Salary Schedule  402.4
        Personnel, Certified - Selection and Appointment        401
        Personnel, Certified - Teachers-on-Call 406.2
        Personnel, Certified - Teachers-on-Call 406.2-R
        Personnel, Certified - Termination of Contract  403
        Personnel, Certified - Transfer and Assignment  402.3
        Personnel, Certified - Travel   405.2-R
        Personnel, Non-Certified - Absences and Leaves  410
        Personnel, Non-Certified - Assignment and Transfer      408.2
        Personnel, Non-Certified - Contracts    408.1
        Personnel, Non-Certified - Definitions of Positions     407.1
        Personnel, Non-Certified - Equal Opportunity Employment 407.3
        Personnel, Non-Certified - Evaluation   408.6
        Personnel, Non-Certified - Grievance Procedure  411.2
        Personnel, Non-Certified - Health and Safety    408.7
        Personnel, Non-Certified - Leaves of Absence    410
        Personnel, Non-Certified - Physical Examinations        408.7
        Personnel, Non-Certified - Professional Growth  411.3
        Personnel, Non-Certified - Professional Growth  411.3-R
        Personnel, Non-Certified - Recruitment and Selection    407.4
        Personnel, Non-Certified - Reduction Through Termination        409.4
        Personnel, Non-Certified - Retirement   409.1
        Personnel, Non-Certified - Retirement   409.1-R
        Personnel, Non-Certified - Salary Schedules     408.3
        Personnel, Non-Certified - Salary Schedules     408.3-R
        Personnel, Non-Certified - Selection and Appointment    407
        Personnel, Non-Certified - Transfer and Assignment      408.2   
        Personnel, Non-Certified - Vacations    408.5
        Personnel, Supervisory - Assignment     300
        Petty Cash      803.5.2
        Philosophy, Statement of        100
        Physical Examinations of Certified Personnel    402.9
        Physical Examinations of Non-Certified Personnel        408.7
        Physical Restraint of Students  504.12
        Physical Restraint of Students  504.12-R
        Pilot or Innovative Projects    602.15
        Pilot or Innovative Projects    602.15-R
        Post Disaster Procedures        907
        Post Disaster Procedures        907-R
        Preliminary Building Specification      901.6
        Preparation of Operating and Capital Budget     801
        Professional Credit Progr./Inservice, Certified Personnel       405.6
        Professional Credit Progr./Inservice, Certified Personnel       405.6-R
        Professional Growth for Non-Certified Personnel 411.3
        Professional Growth for Non-Certified Personnel 411.3-R
        Programmes - Adult Education    602.11
        Programmes - Adult Education    602.11-R
        Programmes - Basic Instructional        602.2
        Programmes - French     602.4
        Programmes - French     602.4-R
        Programmes - Health Guidance    604.2-G
        Programmes - Health Guidance    604.2-R
        Programmes - Hospital and Homebound Education   602.6.1
        Programmes - Outdoor Education  603.2-R
        Programmes - Special Education  602.6
        Programmes - Special Education  602.6-R
        Programmes - Summer School      602.5
        Programmes - Summer School      602.5-R
        Programmes, Educational - Guiding Principles    600
        Progress Reports of Students    605.1
        Projects, Pilot or Innovative   602.15
        Projects, Pilot or Innovative   602.15-R
        Promotion of Students   605.3
        Promotion of Students   605.3-R
        Protection of Employees from Violence in the Workplace  903.6
        Protection of Employees from Violence in the Workplace  903.6-R
        Public Communications   1001
        Public Communications   1001-R
        Public Participation in Board Meetings  201
        Public Participation in Addressing the Board    201
        Pupil - Teacher Ratio   603.1
        Purchase Orders (Purchasing/Tendering Procedures)       803.3-R
        Purchasing and Tendering        803.1
        Purchasing and Tendering        803.1-R
        Purchasing Sustainability       602.14.1-G

        Qualifications/Certification of Certified Personnel     401.4

        Recommendations and Communications (from the Public)    1002.3-R
        Reconsideration of Learning Resources   603.5-R
        Records of Students - Permanent 605.5
        Records of Students - Use       505.1
        Records of Students     805.3
        Recruitment and Selection of Non-Certified Personnel    407.4
        Recruitment of Certified Personnel (Teachers)   401.3-R
        Recruitment of Certified Personnel      401.3
        Releases to News Media - Internal School News   1001.2
                    & Board Matters     
        Reports of Students, Progress   605.1
        Reports, Financial      804
        Requirements of the Budget Document     801
        Resident Students       501.5
        Resignation of Certified Personnel      403.2
        Resources - Outside People      603.6
        Resources - Outside People      603.6-R
        Resources, Learning - Reconsideration   603.5-R
        Resources, Learning - Selection 603.4
        Resources, Learning - Selection 603.4-R
        Retirement of District Employees        409.1
        Retirement of District Employees        409.1-R
        Retirement of District Employees        409.1-G
        Retirement of School Facilities 904
        Retirement of School Facilities 904-R
        Revenue Sources for the Board   802.1-G
        Rules of Order  201 (Bylaw-Operations)

        Safety of Students (Child Abuse)        504.3.2
        Safety of Students (Child Abuse)        504.3.2-R
        Safety Patrols, School  504.6
        Safety Patrols, School  504.6-R
        Safety Procedures, Accident Prevention and      903.1
        Safety Programme for Buildings and Grounds      903
        Salary Schedule for Certified Personnel 402.4
        Salary Schedules for Non-Certified Personnel    408.3
        Salary Schedules for Non-Certified Personnel    408.3-R
        Sale or Lease of Board Property 904
        Sale or Lease of Board Property 904-R
        Schedule of Charges for use of School Facilities        1004.4-G
        Scheduled Staff Development Days (Non-Instructional Days)       601.3
        Scheduled Staff Development Days (Non-Instructional Days)       601.3-R 
        School Building Planning Review Process 901.2
        School Building Planning Review Process 901.2-R 
        School Buses    702
        School Buses    702-R
        School Buses - Student Conduct  702.7
        School Buses - Student Conduct  702.7-R
        School Calendar 601.2
        School Closure  904
        School Closure  904-R
        School Day      601.2
        School Day      601.2-G
        School Day for Certified Personnel      405.1   
        School Hours (French)   602.4-R
        School Hours    601.2-G
        School Emergency Situation Plans        504.9
        School Emergency Situation Plans        504.9-R
        School Facilities Surveys       901.13
        School Non-Instructional Days   601.3-R
        School Organization - Types     601.1
        School Planning Councils        1002.5
        School Planning Councils        1002.5-R
        School Safety Patrols   504.6
        School Safety Patrols   504.6-R
        School Volunteers       1008.8
        School Volunteers       1008.8-R
        School Volunteers       1008.8-G
        Security of Buildings and Grounds       903.3
        Secondment      404.4
        Secondment      404.4-R
        Selection and Appointment of Administrators     300
        Selection of an Architect       901.4
        Selection of an Architect       901.4-R
        Selection of an Auditor 807
        Selection of an Auditor 807-R
        Selection of Benefit Consultant 810
        Selection of Benefit Consultant 810-R
        Selection of a Financial Institution    808
        Selection of a Financial Institution    808-R
        Selection of an Insurance Agent for the Board-Owned Fleet       806.1
                             of Motor Vehicles
        Selection of an Insurance Agent for the Board-Owned Fleet       806.1-R
                             of Motor Vehicles  
        Selection of Learning Resources 603.4
        Selection of Learning Resources 603.4-R
        Selection of Legal Counsel      809
        Selection of Legal Counsel      809-R
        Selection of Motion Picture Videos      603.4.1
        Selection of Motion Picture Videos      603.4.1-G
        Selection of Motor Vehicle Insurance Firm       806.1-R
        Shortlisting, Administrators and Superitendent  300
        Short Term Leave - Illness (Certified Personnel)        404.1.1-R
        Short Term Leave - Other (Certified Personnel)  404.1.2-R
        Signatures, Authorized  803.5.1
        Site Acquisition and Building Construction      901
        Site Acquisition and Building Construction      901-R
        Smoke Free Environment  906
        Smoking, Alcohol Consumption, and Drugs - Staff 402.11-R
        Smoking, Alcohol Consumption, and Drugs - Students      502.4-R
        Snow Days       903.7-G
        Special Committees of the Board 201 (Bylaw-Operations)
        Special Education       602.6
        Special Education       602.6-R 
        Special Meetings of the Board   201 (Bylaw-Operations)
        Staff Use of Information and Communications Services    415
        Staff Use of Information and Communications Services    415-R
        Staff Use of Information and Communications Services    415-G
        Staff Development Days (Non-Instructional Days) 601.3
        Staff Development Days (Non-Instructional Days) 601.3-R
        Standing Committees of the Board        201 (Bylaw-Operations)
        Statement of Guiding Principles for Auxiliary Services  700
        Statement of Guiding Principles for Buildings and Sites 900
        Statement of Guiding Principles for Community Relations 1000
        Statement of Guiding Principles for Staff Personnel     400
        Statement of Guiding Principles for the Educational Progr.      600
        Statement of Philosophy 100
        Student Fees    802.2
        Student Fees    802.2-R
        Student Registration, Enrollment and Placement  501.8
        Student Registration, Enrollment and Placement  501.8-R
        Student Registration, Enrollment and Placement  501.8-G
        Student - Teacher Ratio 603.1
        Students - Administering Medicines      504.3.1-R
        Students - Alcohol Use / Possession     502.4-R
        Students - Assistance to        505.7
        Students - Attendance Requirements      501.1
        Students - Attendance Requirements      501.1-G
        Students - Attendance Requirements      501.1-R
        Students - Behaviour and Discipline     502
        Students - Child Abuse  504.3.2
        Students - Child Abuse  504.3.2 -R
        Students - Community Activity Involvement       1005
        Students - Complaints and Grievances    502
        Students - Use of Information and Communications Services       415
        Students - Use of Information and Communications Services       415-R
        Students - Use of Information and Communications Services       415-G
        Students - Conduct on School Buses      702.7
        Students - Conduct on School Buses      702.7-R
        Students - Consumption of  Alcoholic Beverages  502.4-R
        Students - Contests     503.6
        Students - Contests     503.6-R
        Students - Drinking     502.4-R
        Students - Drugs        502.4-R
        Students - Exclusion for Communicable Diseases  504.2
        Students - Foreign      501.7.1-R
        Students - Foreign      501.7.2-R
        Students - Health and Safety    504
        Students - Injury or Illness at School  504.3
        Students - Injury or Illness at School  504.3-R
        Students - International        501.7.2-G
        Students - International        501.7.2-R
        Students - International/Foreign        501.7
        Students - Interrogations by Outside Agencies   505.5
        Students - Involvement in Community Activities  1005
        Students - Maintenance of Orderly Conduct       502.1
        Students - Non-Resident 501.6
        Students - Permanent Records    605.5
        Students - Personal Safety      504.3.2
        Students - Personal Safety      504.3.2-R
        Students - Physical Restraint   504.12
        Students - Physical Restraint   504.12-R
        Students - Possession of Weapons        502.3
        Students - Possession of Weapons        502.3-R
        Students - Progress Reports     605.1
        Students - Promotion    605.3
        Students - Promotion    605.3-R
        Students - Records      805.3
        Students - Resident     501.5
        Students - Rights and Responsibilities  502
        Students - School Safety Patrols        504.6
        Students - School Safety Patrols        504.6-R
        Students - Smoking      502.4-R
        Students - Special Needs        602.6
        Students - Suspension or Exclusion from School  502.2
        Students - Suspension or Exclusion from School  502.2-R
        Students - Transporting in Private Vehicles     1005.6
        Students - Use of Student Records       505.1
        Substitutes for Certified Personnel     406.2
        Substitutes for Certified Personnel     406.2-R
        Summer School Instruction       602.5
        Summer School Instruction       602.5-R
        Superintendent Selection        300
        Supervision and Evaluation, Administrative Responsibilities     300
        Supervision of Construction     901.10
        Supportive Goals        101
        Sustainability          602.14.1

        Teachers-on-Call        406.2
        Teachers-on-Call        406.2-R
        Telephones      905
        Telephones      905-R
        Tender Opening Committee        803.3-R
        Tendering for Construction      901.9
        Tendering for Supplies / Equipment      803.1-R
        Tendering for Supplies / Equipment      803.3-R

        Transportation - Certified Personnel    405.2
        Transportation - Student Conduct on School Buses        702.7
        Transportation  702
        Transportation  702-R
        Transportation - Sustainability 602.14.1-G
        Transportation for Field Trips and Excursions   603.2-R
        Transporting Students in Private Vehicles       1005.6
        Travel Allowances       803.9-R
        Travel  Allowances for Certified Personnel      405.2-R
        Travel Allowances for Trustees  203 (Regulation)
        Travel for Educational Growth   603.2-R
        Trustee Orientation Administrative Guidelines   200
        Trustee Role, Responsibilities and Code of Ethics       200
        Trustee Stipend, Resources and Expenses         203
        Tuition Fees/Educational Material Fees  802-G
        Twinning, Educational   1006.1
        Twinning, Educational   1006.1-R        
        Type of School Organization     601.1

        Use of  District Resource Centre Materials by Community 1004.7-R
        Use of Information and Communications Services  415
        Use of Information and Communications Services  415-R
        Use of Information and Communications Services  415-G
        Use of School Facilities - Weekend and Holiday Use      1004.6-R
        Use of School Facilities for Private Profit     1004.2
        Use of Student Records  505.1


        Vacations for Non-Certified Personnel   408.5
        Vandalism       903.4
        Vandalism       903.4-R
        Vending Machines        802.9.1.1-G
        Vending Machines        506-G
        Vice-Chairperson of the Board   201 (Bylaw)
        Video Surveillance      908
        Video Surveillance      908-R
        Violence in Workplace Protection        903.6
        Violence in Workplace Protection        903.6-R
        Volunteer Coaches       603.2-R
        Volunteers in Schools   1008
        Volunteers in Schools   1008-R
        Volunteers in Schools   1008-G

        Waste Management        602.14.1-G
        Water Conservation      602.14.1-G
        Weather - Closure of Schools (Snow)     903.7-G
        Weapons - Student Possession of 502.3   
        Weapons - Student Possession of 502.3-R
        Workers' Compensation   402.6.3-R