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 Introduction to Policy Manual
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The Policy Manual for the Richmond School District is in the process of being revised.  This is a long process that involves examination of each policy individually to determine if it is still relevant, needs updating, could be combined with another policy for clarity and so on.
As the Policy Manual is revised it will be transformed into a Policy and Information Portal that also contains links to other relevant documents.  A more consistent use of the terms "policy," "regulation" and "guideline" is also being introduced.
Changes will be made only to this electronic version.  All paper versions of the Policy Manual should be discarded.
The following introduction to the new form of the Policy and Information Portal currently applies only to Sections 100, 200 and 300.  Other sections are in various stages of review. Many policies have been revised as described below.

Introduction to the Contents of the Document
This document provides a framework of guiding values, overall purposes, specific goals and required actions that complement the School Act and provincial regulations.  It contains policies and regulations that are developed and maintained by the Board of Education for School District No. 38 (Richmond) to provide direction to the staff of the school district.

In addition, the document contains administrative guidelines developed and maintained by the Superintendent of Schools where necessary to provide procedures and expectations that complement the policies and regulations prescribed by the Board.  These are associated with the relevant policy for convenient reference.
Definition of Terms

The Board refers to the elected Board of Education for School District No. 38 (Richmond), which is the governing body of the school district and is responsible for the development of policy statements and regulations.

The District refers to the staff employed by the Board under the direction of the Superintendent of Schools, who is authorized by the Board to manage the operation of the school district.

The Superintendent refers to the Superintendent of Schools, who is the Chief Executive Officer of the District, responsible for enacting the policy directions provided by the Board.

The term parent shall be taken to refer to either a natural parent or a legal guardian as appropriate wherever it appears in a policy, regulation or administrative guideline.

Policies define guiding values, overall purposes and specific goals.  They indicate, as directly and concisely as possible, what the Board wants and why.

Regulations define required actions. They indicate how and by whom the Board requires things to be done.

Administrative guidelines are developed and maintained by the Superintendent to complement policies and regulations developed by the Board by providing additional or more detailed procedures and expectations when that is deemed necessary by either the Superintendent or the Board.

Hot links to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
While the Policies for School District 38 (Richmond) are under revision, the current ones apply and are useful as a reference point for parents, staff and students.  At times the index of policies does not immediately lead to answering the question, “What’s the policy on . . ?”  Below are some links to FAQs that may help you locate what you’re looking for quickly.

What’s the Policy on:


Policy Number
Alcohol Use







Communicable diseases




Complaints and Appeals (Students and Parents)
Complaints and Appeals (Staff)

Communications and Information Services - Acceptable Use
Cross Boundary Transfers


Curriculum Development


Donations to Schools
Dress Code


Drug Use


Energy Conservation
Environmental Issues




General Conduct

Grounds Greening




Injury at School



Leadership (Environmental)
Leaves of Absence


Money raised for Schools





Non Resident Students


International Students


Outdoor Education


Parent Advisory Councils



Registration for Students



Reports on Student Progress (Report Cards)






Student Fees


Student Records


Summer School




Sustainable Purchasing
Sustainable Transportation




Volunteering in Schools
Volunteering in Schools
Volunteering in Schools
Waste Management
Water Conservation