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Capital Projects
Capital projects include the construction of new schools (including the purchase of the sites), or additions to, or the renovations of, existing schools. They are directly funded by the Ministry of Education, and are divided into two classifications:

• Minor Capital Projects (costing less than $1.5 million). These are funded from the Annual Facilities Grant.
• Major Capital Projects (costing more than $1.5 million). These are funded from the Annual 5 Year Capital Plan.

Annual Facility Grant Projects
The Annual Facility Grant is approved annually, and is based on the total student enrolment of the district. The purpose of the grant is to maintain the existing buildings within the district, as well as fund additions or renovations which cost less than $1.5 million.

Annual 5 Year Capital Plan Requests
The district submits a 5 Year Capital Plan each year, with requests for funding for the purchase of sites for new schools; and for the construction of new schools, and additions to, or renovations of, existing schools where the total cost of the project is greater than $1.5 million. The requests are based on an annual projection of future enrollments in the district over a 12 year period, plus the condition of the existing buildings. The Ministry of Education approves projects over a 3 year time frame, so that the only projects eligible for approval each year are those in Year 3 of the 5 Year Capital Plan.

Approved Annual Facility Requests
Projects have been approved through the next three years.