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11108_15108_3.pngSchool District No. 38 - Sustainability Initiative Report 2009-2010
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Various events and activities were scheduled to support Sustainability throughout the district. The goals of these activities was to:
  • Foster a greater development of knowledge  & understanding around the issues related to Sustainability
  • Build a sense of community for like-minded individuals dedicated to Sustainability
  • Provide networking opportunities between people in the school communities and community organizations
  • Build capacity by allowing people to explore Sustainability within the own school communities
Click on this link to view the full report:  Sustainability Report 2009-2010

Previous Sutainability Grant Reports

The reports from previous year are also available:  


Project: Working Towards an Idle-Free District - Our Approach
For the past two years, the Richmond School District has promoted the idle-free message with a number of elementary and secondary schools in the district, with the long-term vision of becoming an idle-free district. Rather than providing all schools with an idle-free kit or mandating that all schools install idle-free signs at their sites, our approach to spreading the idle-free message has been to “go with the goers”. We are grounded in a strong belief that knowledge about the idling issue and an understanding of the factors that support behavioural change are needed along with the provision of materials and resources in order to see a reduction in idling behaviour on school grounds.
Dixon Dragonflies
Early last school year, a group of Dixon teachers decided they wanted to make their school a greener school and to teach the students about sustainability – the Dixon Dragonflies were hatched (Dixon’s logo is a dragon). With the help of a few committed parents, they enrolled a group of interested students.
Explore the JNB Green Team Website
Discover a group of students from JN Burnett in Richmond, BC who are strongly passionate about sustainability issues, eco-awareness, stopping climate change and anything to do with helping out the Planet Earth. The environmental club that theyhave founded aims to network both like-minded and unaware students, promote student leadership and initiatives, and educate students.