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May 2008 Waste Study Report of the Richmond School District

In May 2008, a solid waste study was conducted by Urban Impact Recycling to examine the composition of the solid waste disposed and the solid waste and recycling collection systems of four sample schools in our district. Two secondary and two elementary schools were studied. The purpose of the waste study was to identify the successes and challenges of the solid waste and recycling system within SD38. This report briefly outlines Urban Impact’s findings and presents recommendations to improve the SD38 solid waste and recycling systems.  Click on the link below for the full report.

from Urban Impact Recycling

Operations Department Waste Management: Recycling
The Operations Department is responsible for the removal of waste from schools and it is their responsibility to make sure that 91809_23434_1.pngitems that can be recycled are not included with the regular garbage stream. This is important not only for the obvious environmental reasons, but also because the district would be subject to fines if we did not follow the rules established by Metro Vancouver, the organization that manages the local landfills.  

In November 2007, the Operations department introduced a procedure for handling paper and cardboard separately from the regular garbage stream and this continues. The Board contracted with Urban Impact Recycling to provide recycling pick-up of paper and cardboard for all district sites. Classrooms have cardboard containers for recyclable paper and each school was provided with a metal dumpster located outside the building. These dumpsters are emptied on a 91809_23401_0.jpgscheduled basis.

In September of 2009, the District made arrangements with Urban Impact to pick-up blue box recyclables from the schools. All schools have blue boxes for mixed container recycling which can be found in elementary classrooms classrooms and in the main eating areas in secondary schools. Blue box recyclables are "bagged" using clear recycling liners and placed inside of the exterior recycling bin for pick-up.

Click for Operations Department procedure papers:

Schools have the option of collecting returnable containers for refund, in order to generate revenue for the school. This procedure is done through any local Richmond Encorp Pacific Return-It Depot.  For main website Click here

Specific information:
  • Containers that can returned for refund.  Click here
  • Return-It  contact numbers for Richmond pick up of refundable containers Click here
  • 2009-2010 Encorp Pacific School Recycling Programs Click here

Where to Recycle Materials in BC
Wondering where to recycle a certain material in your area of British Columbia. Click on the the link to go to the Recycling Council of BC RECYLEPEDIA.
Encorp Pacific Recycling Newsletter
The Forum Newsletter is produced to keep our network of depots & collection sites, transporters, processors & recyclers, and stakeholders up to date on various happenings at Encorp Pacific.