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Energy Saving Initiatives in our District

In our school district we are striving to reduce energy costs and our greenhouse gas emissions.  To do this we addressing three key areas

  • Optimizing and Maintaining Existing Systems
  • New Energy Efficient Projects and Initiatives
  • End-user Energy Conservation Education
Research studies estimate that nearly one third of the energy consumed in a Canadian school is wasted. The most energy-inefficient schools use almost four times as much energy per square metre as the most energy-efficient schools. If schools can reduce the amount of wasted energy dollars and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, they can redirect that money toward their primary mission: education.

We have developed an SD38 Energy Conservation - Corporate Commitment statement that can be viewed HERE.

Energy Saving Projects by Technology Services

The Technology Services Department has been instrumental in reducing energy consumption through the use of server virtualizaton.  Using virtual server software, multiple servers can be run from a single server.  The virtualizing of a server saves 7000 kWh of electricity annually, or about $700.  This allow our district to save space, power and money.  Each server eliminated saves 4 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually.  The equivalent of taking 1.5 cars off the road.

Virtualization provides tremendous energy benefits and a lifeline to datacenters that need to increase capacity while reducing energy and maintenance costs. It allows for IT flexibility, reliability and availability and frees datacenters from the shortcomings of a static, physical IT Infrastructure. Now our school district can create virtualized, dynamic IT environments that are cost and energy efficient and support our environmental stewardship initiatives.

Energy Saving Projects by the Maintenance Department091008_54218_1.jpg
The Maintenance Department is responsible for the efficient and safe operation of District facilities and grounds. Services provided by the Maintenance Department include preventative maintenance of building systems, repairs of structural and mechanical components, landscaping upkeep, other maintenance related work and minor renovations.

  • interior lighting upgrades (hallways, classrooms and gymnasia)   (conversion of T12 to T-8 lighting and replacing HID fixtures with T8/T5 types)
  • variable frequency drives (vfds) installed on heating and cooling systems
  • direct digital control (ddc) systems installed to regulate/schedule heating, cooling and lighting through the use of occupancy sensors and programming
  • time clocks installed to regulate outside lighting
  • incandescent bulbs replaced with compact fluorescent lighting
  • motion sensors installed in gymnasia to turn off lights when not in use
  • interior lighting tied into lighting schedule utilizing the direct digital control (ddc) system
  • photocells installed to turns off lights in hallways with skylights
  • light emitting diode (led) type bulbs installed in fire exit signs
  • high efficiency boilers utilized in upgrade projects
  • programmable thermostats installed
  • roof top air conditioning (ac) units upgraded complete with free air cooling
  • heat recovery ventilation units installed in classrooms
  • metal cladding, roll shutters, windows with double glazing and proper insulation installed

Energy Saving Performance Contract Program

In 2001, our school district entered a contract to reduce energy costs.  By investing $5.4 million in lighting, mechanical system and HVAC controls upgrades, the contract guaranteed that the district would save $616,507 per year for ten years.  In five years the district has exceeded this and saved an average $753,763 per year

The district recently received the Year 5 report of savings. Each year the district has exceeded the yearly financial guarantee and, with the year ending March 2008, we have shown a savings of $829,824 or 135% of the guaranteed yearly savings. The total savings to date has been $4,413,450 or 143% of the original projected savings.  At the current rate the district will have recouped the initial investment in 3- 4 years early than expected.