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Green Initiatives

Maintenance Department Initiatives
The Maintenance Department is responsible for the efficient and safe operation of District facilities and grounds. Services provided by the Maintenance Department include preventative maintenance of building systems, repairs of structural and mechanical components, landscaping upkeep, other maintenance related work and minor renovations.

  • building materials re-used and recycled
  • non-toxic glues and adhesives used in repairs and renovations
  • latex based paints with low or no volatile organic compounds (vocs) used
  • school courtyards and gardens upgraded to facilitate greening projects
  • water-based biodegradable products used to deal with insect infestations
  • environmentally friendly refrigerants used for air conditioning systems
  • programmable thermostats installed to replace older mercury types
  • biodegradable drain cleaners used to clear sanitary lines
  • LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) standard materials used wherever available and possible
  • carpet removal program undertaken utilizing resilient flooring made of natural fibres
  • electronic work order system used to lessen reliance on paper

Operations Department Initatives
The Operations Department is responsible for the housekeeping and security of District facilities.  

  • 100% recycled paper towel and toilet tissue used; annually preventing 67,078,080 feet of paper from being manufactured from forests
  • 100% degradable garbage bags used; annually preventing 367,500 bags of garbage from not breaking down in landfills
  • green cleaning product testing underway
  • paper and cardboard collected for recycling
  • blue box recycling for mixed containers
  • rechargeable battery operated machinery used in floor maintenance program
  • custodial equipment refurbished and re-issued

Transportation Department Initatives

The Transportation Department is responsible for the movement of students and goods throughout the District.  

  • bio diesel used to fuel school bus fleet
  • anti-idling campaign implemented and expanded to schools
  • electronic bus booking system used to lessen reliance on paper
  • school bus fleet outfitted with catalytic converters, particular traps and close crank case valves