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From:Wednesday, October 26, 2011 2:21 PM -0700
Subject:Fwd: The clean bin project and other sustainability resources at DRC 

Ms. Rosalind Poon
Teacher Consultant
School District #38 (Richmond)
7811 Granville Avenue
Richmond, B.C.
V6Y 3E3
phone: 604-668-6000 ext. 4024
fax: 604-233-0521

Please note change in telephone number:  604-668-6000 ext. 4024

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DRC is in the process of getting the inspiring documentary, The clean bin project, which we watched last Friday on the CUPE staff pro-d day.  We'll send out a message when it's available for borrowing.
DRC offers many wonderful resources related to sustainability for you to borrow.  The followings are some examples.

1) Garbage : the revolution starts at home (DVD)

2) Crapshoot: The Gamble with Our Wastes (VHS)
The complete documentary is available online through NFB website. Click to watch.  It can also be borrowed from DRC.

3) The battle of the bag (DVD)

4) Our children's planet (VHS)
One of three episodes in the Great warming series.  This episode focuses on solutions to excessive energy consumption. Its international perspective includes significant Canadian content.  DRC carries all 3 episodes.  Watch trailer online

5) Biodiesel and vegetable oil (DVD)
One of three DVDs in the Energy Alternatives: The Cool Fuel Roadtrips series.  DRC carries all 3 of them.

6) Introduction to EcoSchools and the five-step process : guide (booklet)
This documentary is available online. Click to download.  It can also be borrowed from DRC.
Other booklets from the same Ecoschools series (e.g. Waste minimization guide and Energy conservation guide) are available at DRC as well.

7) The geography of hope : a tour of the world we need (book)

8) Ecokids : raising children who care for the earth (book)

To find more, please search the DRC Media Manager catalogue.  You may also check out the resource lists called 3 R's Resources, Eco-wise tools and Sustainability.
Steps to access the resource list:
2) Click on Catalog tab on top (next to the District logo)
3) Click on Resource Lists on the left
4) Click on Public Lists on the right
5) Scroll down to find the resource list of your choice (listed in alphabetical order)
6) Click on the resource list and view the titles
Feel free to contact the DRC for more information.


Did you know you're welcome to visit the DRC at Rideau Park?
You can also book a tour & training session as your school's pro-d events.
Come and have the "Wow! I'm in the treasure island" experience.
Janet Ho
Library Technician
School District No. 38 (Richmond)
District Resource Centre (DRC)
8560 Demorest Drive
Richmond BC, V7A 4M1
Phone:604-295-6424 ext. 6001
For general questions and bookings, email to DRC Bookings.
The first available DRC staff will respond to you.