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Ms. Rosalind Poon
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Send electronics to Think Recycle — and support the Foundation!

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Keep unwanted electronics out of landfills and support the David Suzuki Foundation by sending them to Think Recycle.

It’s easy (and free)! Collect at least ten acceptable products (cell phones, laptops, digital cameras, print cartridges, etc.). Then register at Think Recycle (be sure to say you’re raising funds for us) and follow their directions for getting your discards to their plant.

Reusable electronics will be refurbished. Those that can’t be reused will be carefully dismantled and separated. Metals, glass and plastic will be turned into raw materials for new goods.

Why not organize a recycling fundraising drive at your workplace or school? Think Recycle even plants a tree for every 24 products donated!

Questions? Contact


David Suzuki Foundation, 219 – 2211 W 4th Ave, Vancouver, British Columbia, V6K 4S2
Support the David Suzuki Foundation!



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