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 Vote Now! Vote for our Richmond School District's Green Games Projects!Postmark
From:Saturday, March 24, 2012 9:16 PM -0700
Subject:Vote Now! Vote for our Richmond School District's Green Games Projects! 

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Don't forget to vote for our Richmond School District's Green Games Eco-Projects!  Eleven of 48 schools are participating in this Provincial-wide Environmental Stewardship sharing of school eco-wise projects!  Congratulations to these schools for documenting your Green initiatives and submitting your projects to Science World's Green Games Challenge: Anderson, Burnett, Currie, Ferris, Garden City, MacNeill, McMath, Quilchena, Richmond, Tomsett, and Woodward!  All of you are winners and should be proud of your leadership efforts!

Here's what you do to VOTE!
- upload the attached file
- register to vote
- view projects
- select the Richmond Schools, review the 11 submissions, and vote for your favourite 5 projects before March 31st!
- be inspired!

Be proactive and invite your community to vote as well!  Winning schools receive $500 to support their environmental stewardship initiatives!

Thanks for supporting each other's Eco-wise initiatives!  Together WE are BETTER!


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