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Earth Day is approaching.  Here is a link to download the colourful EcoKids calendars 2012-2013 in Eng and Fr.

Check out the DRC resources for this special day.

1) Sew green : recycle, repurpose, restyle (DVD gr. 7-12)
Using unconventional fabrics like sleeves from wool sweaters and “fabric” made from fused plastic bags, learn the basics of sewing through simple and easy to make projects that incorporate recycling. Four unique sewing project are demonstrated, including:
• A fused plastic messenger-style bag
• A cell phone or mp3 player holder
• A protective sleeve for a laptop
• A water bottle holder

2) The clean bin project  Awards winner
Partners Jen and Grant engage in a competition to see who can swear off consumerism and produce the least garbage in an entire year.

3) Garbage! : the revolution starts at home (DVD gr. 4-12)
Supported by statistics, this humorous video investigates problems of waste disposal. Viewers will easily relate to an everyday family who collects and tracks their trash for three months.

4) Sustainability in the 21st century (DVD gr. 5-12)
Observe sustainability in action at a school that has employed green building practices -- from their playing field made from recycled plastic and rubber tires to the photovoltaic panels on the roof. By studying and understanding the idea of sustainability and putting that concept into practice, we can begin working toward building a responsible and sustainable future. A teacher's guide is included and available online.

5) Battle of the Bag (VHS gr.8-12) Gemini Award winner
Canadians alone use about six billion of the handy throwaway items every year.  From the big oil employees who brought the bag to America, to the Nobel laureate fighting for a bag ban, to the retired German schoolteacher who holds the world's record for the most plastic bags, the film takes stock of this icon of convenience culture.

6) Ontario EcoSchools resources, such as:

7) Ecokids : raising children who care for the earth (book)
A comprehensive guide that teaches the importance of environmental protection and values; and includes activities for children along with a listing of environmental resources.

41012_101455_1.jpg8) Teaching green : the elementary years : hands-on learning in grades K-5 (book)
Offers 50 kid-tested teaching strategies that promote interdisciplinary hands-on learning about natural systems and foster critical thinking about environmental issues, both local and global.

41012_102209_3.jpg9) Teaching green : the middle years : hands-on learning in grades 6-8 (book)
Readers will find a wealth of kid-tested ideas contributed by educators from across North America and covering a wide spectrum of environmental topics, from biodiversity to resource consumption to green technology. They include practical projects and new learning strategies that will inspire educators seeking innovative ideas for incorporating green themes into their programs.

41012_101616_2.jpg10) Teaching green : the high school years : hands-on learning in grades 9-12 (book)
Presents a wide range of teaching strategies designed to help high school students learn about environmental issues and the importance of living sustainably.

More DRC resources can be found under the resources lists: 3 R's Resources, Earth Day and Sustainability.

To borrow, please email to DRC Bookings via RichNet.

Please feel free to share with your colleagues.


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