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Welcome to my website for 2013 and 2014.

Courses I am teaching this year:
A blk: Foundations of Math 11
B blk: Foundations & Pre-Calculus 10
C blk: Foundations & Pre-Calculus 10
D blk: Foundations & Pre-Calculus 10
E blk: prep
F blk: Math 9
G blk: Foundations & Pre-Calculus 9/10 Accelerated
H blk: Math 9

1. The government has announced that provincial scholarship monies will be determined by the students standing based on their five mandatory provincial exams in Grades 10, 11 and 12: Math, Science, and English 10, Social Studies 11, and English 12. They also stated that optional Gr. 12 exams will no longer be offered. Post Secondary bound students will need to treat their three grade 10 courses seriously for their $1000 or $2000 scholarships.


I aim to help students, parents and teachers find useful materials.

The left side of my website contains:

The COURSE INFO section contains my course previews, expected outcomes and my teaching/learning/assessment philosophy.

The CONCEPT DEVELOPMENT/INTENTIONAL PRACTICE section contains daily updates on the questions assigned to build a stronger understanding of ideas and it create a greater retention and ability with these concepts. It is organized by month.  
        Students and parents can always find out what has been happening in the class by going to the month and then to the day in question and the particular block to know what is assigned. I will also post about a week in advance of when the extra help sessions will be offered.

The SPECIAL NOTES section contains pages of typed notes for students (and others) to print off when needed.

The WORKSHOPS section contains copies of materials that I've presented in workshops. This section is mainly for teachers.

The right side of my website contains:

NEW DISCOVERIES where I publish students new ideas.

MATH CLUB announcements and sometimes activities

SPECIAL WEBSITES with links to interesting and helpful sites

The top of my website contains buttons to take you to informational sites:

Currently they are:
        HOME - takes you back to this starting page.
        SD 38 - takes you to the Richmond District's home page.
        BCAMT - takes you to the BC Math Teachers' home page.
        ABOUT ME - takes you a page about me personally.
        McROBERTS - takes you to the school's home page.
        LIBRARY - takes you to our school's library home page.
        PROVINCIAL SITE - takes you to information about the province's exams

Bonus ideas are found in the other workshops and the student discoveries of the top right side AND found at

KenKen puzzles:

New Discoveries
Interested in seeing what McRoberts students have been uncovering lately? Check out the link below. The latest discoveries are at the bottom of the page.
New Discoveries
Math Club
MATH CLUB meet's Thursday lunch. We will be spending time working on interesting problems, contests and problem solving skills. First meeting is Thursday, Sep. 13th.
Math Club Problem
SWC is a Christian club for those seeking to challenge and support one another. They meet in Portable One at lunch on Mondays.
Table Tennis Club
Table Tennis Tuesdays afterschool outside the Snack Shack for those interested in playing table tennis.

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