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        Hugh McRoberts Secondary's Mathematics 9/10 Accelerated Class - E (2-1)  Block - 2011-2012
                Portable One - The Learning Hut with Mr. F. Harwood

The basic philosophy is to teach the students how to be successful in the Gr. 10 curriculum. When necessary, time will be spent in building a Gr. 9 base for better grasp of the 10. Much of the time, the teaching (in a wholistic setting) for a grade 10 lesson will establish the necessary Gr. 9 skills. I am available for help at lunch and afterschool most days should students desire more time in mastering a concept.

Students and parents can compare the Math 9 preview and the Math 10 preview to see what the Intended Learning Outcomes are. Students will be issued the Math Power 10 textbook and I will supplement with Grade 9 sheets whenever required but the basic questions in 10 do pick up the majority of grade 9 material.

Summative assessments will also have a rewrite possibility if students find they have not successfully mastered any concepts. Past accelerated students have done very well at the next level and many have won awards over their older counter parts.


Calculators are allowable in all situations and encouraged to be rightly used as a tool.  They will be but one of many different ‘tools’ applied this year.  A scientific calculator with a fractionating “a b/c”key will be sufficient through Grade 9 and 10.  A graphing calculator is needed for several Gr. 12 provincial exams. I will be teaching students to use them and have a class set to give all students access. Because of the growing complexity of graphing calculators (hand-held computers), I can only offer support for students using the TI - 83+ (or the TI-83, TI-84, TI-84+) graphing calculators.  If students take care of their own equipment and money is not too large a concern, you might consider investing now ($90-$140) as an added edge for your child, however, this is not a necessity as they will be able to use them frequently in my classes.  Students can use different ones, some of which are cheaper ($70ish), but students will be responsible for familiarizing themselves with the novel-sized instruction manual. Please do not buy a TI - 92 , TI - 86 or other 3D graphing computers as they will not be allowed on any tests or provincial exams. I am available to answer questions.

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